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COVID-19 – 7 Positives & 7 Practical Tips to Stay Happy

During one of the most uncertain times in modern history, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep our morale and positivity high. With Boris Johnson announcing a lockdown last week, people are more on edge than ever.

Although the lockdown will be reviewed in three week’s time, it may well last much longer, with the virus potentially set to peak at eight weeks and then decline.

The vast majority of the public face job uncertainty and are anxious about their loved ones and their own safety.

We found a lovely quote that made us feel warm even in this desperate time. “It is reminding us that we are all equal, regardless of our culture, religion, occupation, financial situation or how famous we are. This disease treats us all equally, perhaps we should too.”

At Pluto we aim to try and keep people smiling! So, we have made a list of seven positive aspects as well as our top seven tips to staying physically and mentally healthy during this torrid time. We talked with Max`s family in Italy and add their suggestions as well.

Our Seven Positives

  1. In the last week alone the British Red Cross has had over 10,000 volunteers signing up to help others. The community reserves are providing doorstep support,dropping off essential groceries and the daily paper to the elderly who can’t leave their house. Throughout this crisis we have seen shining examples of people coming together as a community. Check

  2. Venice canals, which are usually highly polluted and filled with motorboats and gondolas, are now clear for the first time in many years. Pictures have been shared around the world of fish returning to the canals.

  3. Scientists at the University of Oxford have developed a new coronavirus test that provides results in just 30 minutes.Researchers say it could help detect the early stages of infection too which may reduce the death rate.

  4. The decline in harmful air pollution has been felt around the world. The levels of nitrogen dioxide pollutants fell by 48.5% in just three days in Athens. Very similar levels of decline have been seen in China, California and Italy. 

  5. Although some companies have said they won’t be paying staff during this crisis, other companies are going above and beyond their duty to let their staff know they will receive full pay and that their jobs are secure. With similarities to how M&S adapted and helped Britain during the war, people still remember the companies who looked after their staff for many years after it was over.

  6. Last week we stood outside to give the NHS a huge clap. It was marvellous to see the nation showing their appreciation and gratitude.

  7. According to The Telegraph newspaper, The government has increased its target for volunteers to help the NHS to 750,000, after an"amazing" 560,000 people signed up since Tuesday.

Our Seven Lockdown Tips

  1. Reflect. Remind yourself this won’t last forever and when it’s over you’ll be wiser and stronger. Take some time to make a list of the top 10 things you’d like to do once this is over. This whole pandemic might have given you the push to study something new or consider a new career. Use this time to research all your ideas and to plan properly. 

  2. Make a movie list, there are so many amazing films out there and we all have a few we've just never got around to watching. Stay safe, stay at home and put on a good flick.

  3. Similar to the movie list, a book list is our next recommendation. Luckily amazon still deliver! Keep developing and keep improving.  Max`s suggestion is the 11 Commandments and the 7 cardinal sins of selling a business. This was recommended by a friend and he never had time to read it, until now.

  4. The next idea is more of a skill but it’s something everyone can improve and actually learn to enjoy – cooking. Try a few new dishes, learn to bake, get the whole family involved, now is the perfect time. Max has dozens of videos from his mamma in Italy.

  5. If you cannot go outside, go inside! Take up or continue to do yoga and meditation- this suggestion is worth its weight in gold if implemented properly. In any crisis, self-care must be a priority. For yoga all you need is your phone. Go onto YouTube and search “Yoga with Adrienne” or there are lots of others but wean vouch that she’s brilliant. There are hundreds of videos covering everything from beginners to more advanced, short classes and long classes.Find a little space in your living room and get started, you’ll feel the stress leaving your body with each deep breath and suddenly life won’t seem so full of doom and gloom. Search also Eleni Miariti on Instagram.

  6. To all the dental practice owners, remember to stay in frequent contact with your patients and staff members and we will get through this together. Connect with your trusted advisors and don`t rush to social media or to self-proclaimed gurus who are trying to exploit people vulnerabilities.

  7. Wear your nice clothes, if you can`t go out, bring the out in! Arrange a dinner date with your partner and show each other support with words of encouragement. Be productive, be positive and this difficult time will pass.

Ultimately,we should all try to view this situation as a corrector instead of just as a disaster, and support scientists and their views when they say that the sale of the animals in wildlife markets should always be strictly prohibited to minimise the risk of future outbreaks.

Thoughts and prayers to you all in a difficult time,

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