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What is the Practice Performance Upgrade Plan?

The Practice Performance Upgrade is a unique programme designed by dentists and dental practice owners, for dentists. Through directed leadership and a hands-on approach, that supports your business' individual needs, Pluto Partners are able to steer you from compliance to improved profits, a successful practice sale, and beyond. We work hard to achieve the best results. The sky is never the limit. Find out more about our success-proven 4 steps process.

Assessment of Services

Assessment of services and production of a personalised bespoke ‘Gap analysis’ which will serve as a document for both the practice and any CQC inspector. It will provide proof of a well-led practice and the analysis can be used in the future as a practice working document of change and improvement. It fulfills the criteria of evidence-based assessment. 1-day visit or virtual visit and full report, followed by the choice of 2 or 3 days per month video/telephone interaction depending on complexity.


  • Review audits and make recommendations based on CQC evidence-based requirements. Including clinical as well as managerial audits.

  • Create and implementation of audits necessary to fulfil requirements. Specifically, but not limited to staffing, cross-infection, complaints, patient records, treatment planning.

Practice Performance

During your day visit, we will discuss what improves the profitability of your practice, adding value to your business.
Remember, for every £1 savings and improvement on the EBITDA, the value of your practice could improve by £6. Some of the topics we discuss are:

  1. The physical space, the percentage of chair usage and how to maximize this.

  2. The accounts (3-4 years) and your financial trend.

  3. Staff & recruitment analysis

  4. The Practice management systems

  5. Clinical services


The report would feed into a plan for Generating sustainable growth.

Generating Sustainable Growth

We are working with you to help you maximize the value of your dental practice, defining the plan ahead:

  • Listening to you, to what you think you are, creating what you want to achieve

  • Gap analysis

  • Defining vision and implementation strategies

  • Planning and production

  • Setting goals



  • Finding the staff with the potential you always dreamed of

  • Contracts

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing difficult behavior

  • Setting goals


Getting everyone on board

  • Helping you define your patient journey

  • Training your team to be a team

  • Putting you together with those who can help you grow

  • Giving your patients the information they need to book treatments

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